Crystal Therapy

What happens in a Crystal Therapy appointment?

Crystal therapy, like Reiki, can be done anywhere, in any position. However this is most comfortably received lying on a couch. During a crystal healing session, crystals are intuitively chosen and placed on or around the person, who remains fully clothed. The subtle energy system of the person – meridians, chakras, pressure points etc are energised and balanced and clients often report experiences such as deep and profound states of relaxation during the treatment. Some other effects commonly attributed to crystal therapy are a sense of feeling refreshed, uplifted and energised.

Reiki can be incorporated into the treatment at the clients discretion, together with psychic/mediumistic information and/or channelling where I will write channelled messages for you. The treatment is non invasive and suitable for everybody.

Initially there will be a consultation form for personal details and to ensure there are no contraindications. After the treatment, there will be time for feedback and questions and advice on potential reactions and aftercare.

Appointment time: about one hour

How many treatments should I have?

This is entirely up to the client and can be discussed at the appointment

More about Crystal Therapy and theories about how it works

Crystal Healing is an ancient method of healing, which can be traced back to Egyptian times and beyond. It is an ancient treatment which has started to grow in popularity again in recent times. Although a therapy in its own right, crystals are now used by many therapists to enhance the effectiveness of other treatments.

Crystal Therapy aligns the energy system of the body by using the piezioelectrical impulses that emanate from crystals to rebalance the electromagnetic field of the human body.

It works by drawing upon the properties of various crystals to enhance the body’s natural healing abilities, by realigning mind, body and spirit using crystalline energy to facilitate a connection between the universe and earth.