Indian Head Massage

What happens in the appointment

Indian Head MassageIndian Head Massage is done in a comfortable sitting position, rather than lying down. The massage includes upper back, shoulders, neck, head, neck and face. It can be done with top on or off, with or without oils, depending entirely on what the client is comfortable with. A brief consultation form is completed initially, ensuring there are no contraindications and a complete run through of procedure in order to totally relax the client and to address any issues/anxieties. The option of using Reiki/crystals and chakra balancing can also be discussed before starting the treatment. When the treatment is finished, there is time for some feedback, advice on potential reactions and aftercare. Comfortable clothes should be worn. The appointment time is 45 minutes.

A little background information

Indian Head Massage2Indian head massage is an Indian tradition dating back 4000 years. The origins can be traced to family members who sat behind one another, massaging with oils to promote healthy hair growth, shine, and heal scalp conditions with herbs, spices and oils. Oils with different healing properties were used, depending on the person’s condition and what they would get out of the treatment. The massage techniques have always been commonplace in India. Indian head massage is also part of Ayurvedic tradition of medicine, which has been used for a similar length of time. Ayurvedic medicine is based on holistic healing, incorporating mind, body and spirit. The vital force will work at optimum strength if mind, body and spirit are balanced in a person (or indeed any living thing).

Indian Head Massage has become westernised to combat stress in our modern lifestyles. The massage therefore includes neck, shoulders, upper arms and back to just below the scapula area. It is now used widely in offices where stress and aches and pains have become common place. This Massage stimulates blood flow to all areas of head, neck and shoulders and should leave you feeling relaxed in mind and body.